I grew up with a desire to write. I’d write on whatever I could find. Paper, notepads, paper towels, tissue… anything that I could get a pen or pencil to work on, there I was writing on it. Little did I know that years later, writing, or journaling rather would become my main outlet. The number one way that I would release my thoughts and feelings as I journeyed through life taking on the challenges that it would bring.

As a mental health therapist, journaling is also an often used intervention strategy, as I have mentioned before as it not only allows my clients to release their thoughts and feelings concerning their circumstances, but It also allows me to be able to gain better understanding about the experiences of the ones who trust me to help them move from surviving to thriving.

Not only have I seen writing/journaling be effective in my own life, but I have seen my clients from page one of a journal to the last page of the journal, make remarkable strides and be able to go back and see the progress that has taken place in their lives, simply because they took the time to go through their process in writing.


So why a whole blog post on journaling? I’m glad you asked. I was contemplating creative ways to help you all in your journey to becoming better, as I have become all too familiar with how boring life can be when you are so focused on getting better that you forget that change can be good and that different things open our eyes to new possibilities. In trying to find ways to be more creative in my attempt to help I kept hearing actions speak louder, so… over the next few weeks I will be sharing interventions that have not only helped my clients in their journey to better, but that have helped me also. Along with my normal Monday post, there will also be a midweek post that features an example of the intervention discussed in the Monday post.

I have learned over time, that it’s one thing to tell someone what to do to help them get better, but with different learning styles, sometimes people benefit from seeing things demonstrated. So in another attempt to help you by any means necessary, I will become very transparent over the next few weeks and invite you all into my personal world for a dose of my daily survival mechanisms.

So check back Wednesday for my midweek post for this first week, as I  take you into the life of my journaling experience. While the struggle is definitely sometimes real, the goal is to overcome every mental encounter… and in 2018, my goal is to help you do just that.


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