… And so we have made it to the fourth Monday of the year and well… it doesn’t change the fact that it’s Monday. In fact, even in this new year… I still didn’t want to get up this morning, the weekend still didn’t last long enough, I still feel unrested and annoyed, and guess what?? You guessed, I am still dealing with one hell of a mental illness that just wont let me forget it exists. If I were to take a wild guess, I would say, that many of you feel that same why that I do. You are tired of being tired and want a solution to your dilemma.

Listen, if you don’t get anything else out of this post, get this!! Change your perspective, change your life!!! 

So what do I do, when it’s Monday and it seems like the weight of the world is upon me. I stop, I thank my higher being for the strength that He has, that I so desperately need in this moment. I lace up my sneakers, put my workout gear on, and I lift it up off of me.

One of the hardest things to do when suffering from a mental illness of any degree, is to find a way to push through the moments that seem to have you stuck in place. You have to make up your mind that no matter what it takes, you will not be defeated. Moments of failure do not equate to a lifetime of defeat. The tough times are meant to develop our character. The hardships are meant to strengthen our minds. The breakdowns are meant to show us how much we were built to be in relationship with others. As I have said, many times before, this is not the time to suffer in silence. This is the time to develop a network of people who are for you and with you in this fight of your life.

Monday’s or any days don’t have to be all bad. A bad moment is not a bad day. A bad day is not a bad week, A bad week is not a bad month, and a bad month is not a bad year, though we tend to magnify our bad times. Your life isn’t horrible, that moment was. You have to take it for what it was and decide to move past it. You have a decision to make and how your respond to that bad moment, will determine how the rest of your moments play out.

I know this post is a bit different than my usual post, but I felt very compelled to make this fourth Monday of the year about motivating you and myself to keep fighting like hell in the fight of our lives. It’s not over until God says its over!

You are strong enough. You are brave enough. You are enough, and guess what, You will get through this Monday. I’m rooting for you because I know all too well, that while the struggle is definitely sometimes real, the goal is to overcome every mental encounter.

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